Month in Review – September 2019

The Month in Review is a reminder to myself and to readers of this blog to make sure they are keeping their projects and priorities up to date. This will help you have a clear and stress-free mind that is ready to tackle the upcoming month or week!

I will debrief about any updates to the site and where things are heading.

In addition, I would like to feature articles I have found to be helpful to readers in areas of productivity, finance, and wellness. Not all of them are necessarily from this month.

Physician Zen Updates

Physician Zen was featured in:

Physician on Fire’s Sunday’s best. It is quite an honor to be featured on there since he is always been one of my blogging heroes. The article featured was the post on Comprehensive list of Physician Finance Bloggers. I also got to meet him in person at FinCon this month! Leif is one of the nicest and most humble people I have ever met.

I met PoF!!

Cal ACEP Life Line. California ACEP featured my article on the 12-steps to Productivity.

Featured on Married to Doctor’s Podcast. It was great meeting Lara from the Married to Doctor’s Podcast. We talked about marriage and finances. I encourage readers to subscribe to her Podcast and I’ve found the content so useful in my own marriage!

I also had the opportunity to give an invited guest lecture to medical students at the University of California, Riverside this month! I love teaching and learning from medical students. I had a blast and I think they did too! It was great to see medical students excited about productivity!

Lecturing to over 50 UCR medical students!

All Productivity Videos Uploaded! What’s Next?

I finally finished uploading all of the 12 steps to productivity videos on YouTube. Please check them out or share to others who you think may benefit. It was a significant undertaking, but it is done now and I feel I can move on with my life and start creating other content. 

The productivity posts I’ve done so far really focus on HOW to create a productivity system. In the upcoming blog posts, I want to focus on WHY creating a productivity system can be so important in medical students, physicians, and healthcare professionals’ lives. 

The reason I focused on the HOW first is that once more readers start understanding WHY personal productivity is important they would have resources on HOW to implement it into their lives.

Weekly Blog Post Themes

Going forward I will be posting 1 blog post a week that will publish on Thursdays. The topics may vary but will tie in how we can use personal productivity to enhance our lives with respect to our personal life, career, finances, or wellness.

Posting only one blog post a week will allow me to create a detailed post while also being able to create videos and work on book writing. I might throw in some extra blog posts from time to time.

I will also have a Month in Review post like this sometime towards the end of each month.

Book Writing

I am currently learning how to do book self-publishing and plan on writing a book on personal productivity for medical students and healthcare professionals. Want to give a shout out to Jimmy Turner from The Physician Philosopher for guiding me through this process. If you have any feedback on what you would like to have included in such a book please let me know!

Stay tuned! Now on to the Featured Posts!

Featured Blogs, Podcasts, and More!

Learning how to use credit cards effectively has been on my bucket list. Dr. McFrugal has a detailed post on credit card strategies to help you maximize your points and cashback. Physician on Fire also has an insane amount of information on credit card strategies. I’m really bad with this whole credit card hacking business and all of this information is actually blowing my mind! Thanks DMF and PoF!

I’m actually going to be attempting to do the South West Companion past in 2020 to and fly for FREE this upcoming year. Dr. McFrugal has an amazing post on how to do this and I will actually be following the steps outlined in his blog post. 

The Physician Philosopher had a great post on “Physician Heal Thyself” to emphasize how Financial Independence can lead to decreased burnout. This article really resonated with me and I do think that Physicians put themselves last instead most of the time.

I just did an interview with Dr. Taylor Brana from The Happy Doc this month, the Podcast interview should be released sometime next month. It was such a joy talking to him. I encourage people to listen to his Podcast if you are interested in how other physicians have created a Happy Life while being a Doctor! 

Another podcast that is definitely worth listening to is Whats Up Next by Doc G. He has a great podcast on how you can achieve financial independence through creativity by interviewing 3 guests from different creative backgrounds. Oh and this Podcast won the Plutus award for best New Podcast at Fincon this year. Definitely check it out!

I don’t use caffeine too often, but when I do I try to maximize it’s effect. Here is a post from A Life of Productivity on ways to use caffeine strategically.

Looking for productivity items under a hundred dollars? Asian Efficiency has a great post on this. I personally ended up getting a Sleep Mask for only $15 bucks. Made my sleep exponentially better!

Divorce happens, unfortunately. Xrayvsn is a unique physician blogger who has content on how to achieve financial independence despite going through a divorce himself. He even has a “Guide to Surviving Divorce” series

I met Bill from at FinCon this year and had some amazing Gelato he is an encyclopedia of financial knowledge. He has a very prolific facebook group called financial literacy project and his site has amazing content. Read the first post of his site here where he talks about what Freedom and the Golden Mean are. Bill also has a very active Facebook group that I encourage you to join.

From Right to Left: Me, Michelle from WCI, Lara from Married to Doctors, and Bill from PivotPointsMD!

FinCon Summaries: 

I did not do an official FinCon summary but it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. FinCon is the largest financial and social media conference in the world. I met some of the brightest and fun people ever. It was the first conference I have ever gone to where I did not answer or check emails for 6 straight days. Every second was accounted for with sessions, networking, and just plain fun. The best part was meeting the most influential physician finance bloggers in the entire world. I plan to go next year and it is in Long Beach, CA!

Here are some FinCon summaries from other bloggers in case you are interested in going next year: 

Dr. McFrugal

Practice Balance by Dawn Baker

Bonnie Koo

BC Krygowski


The Physician Philosopher

Sorry there are so many great articles out there, and there are a ton more amazing that I didn’t mention. I would have to write a book each month to feature all of the amazing articles I read each month!

Do The Right Thing #DTRT

While going through medical school, my roommate and I would often come back to our apartment and ask ourselves “is there anything we could do better today?.” Sometimes being a medical student can feel demoralizing. We then started encouraging each other to “Do The Right Thing.” Sometimes we just have to try our best to do what we think is most right at each moment. That’s all we can really do in the end.

And for the most part, we almost always intuitively know with the “Right Thing” to do is. I encourage everyone to try to do what is right for you each day. Many days I have a hard time doing things, but that phrase has lifts me up and really helped me and maybe it can help you too! This can be taking care of your health, finances, marriage, career, etc. You actually know what the right thing to do is. Now just take the very next step in doing it!

I hope you have a great weekend and remember to try to Do The Right Thing #DTRT and stay productive, wealthy, and healthy!

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9 months ago

Thanks for the shout out Vi not once but twice 🙂 Really enjoyed meeting the physician group as a whole in FinCon and put faces to names. I’m impressed about taking on authoring a book. Definitely need to put posts on how that project is going because I am sure a lot of people have thought about writing a book (myself included) but never took it past just thinking about it.

Your video series was very impressive and it is no shock that a lot of time and effort went into it.

Zen Productivity
Reply to  Xrayvsn
9 months ago

Thanks Xrayvsn! Yes i’ll update you on the book writing process. Should be quite interesting! Especially with self publishing 🙂


B.C. Krygowski
9 months ago

Love this! We all need help being efficient. And hey, thanks for the shout out! So awesome meeting you.

Zen Productivity
Reply to  B.C. Krygowski
9 months ago

Thanks BC. I’m always trying to improve as well. Still can’t believe how fast you can write a book!! I need to learn from you 🙂 Thanks so much for the comment. Vi

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